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Step into Something Real: Supsolo Supper Club's Debut Night at Brunswick House

Hey there, London singles! I'm Lorna Mullins, founder of Supsolo Club, your new escape from the swipe-and-type dating scene. I've seen it all after living in Ireland (the motherland) and New York and finally making my home in London. But what I missed most in this digital age was a genuine connection that felt real and tangible. That's why I started Supsolo Club, blending my love for exquisite food with the joy of bringing people together. Our goal? To create memorable evenings where the only thing you'll want to swipe is your card to join us again.

A group of people around a dining table in dimly lit room with candles and floral decorations on the table.
Brunswick House restaurant in Vauxhall, London. Image by Alexander Bater provided by Harts Group

A Night at Brunswick House with Jackson Boxer

For our launch event on March 14th, I’ve chosen the enchanting Brunswick House as our venue. Imagine dining in a grand Georgian mansion, where every room tells a story, and every dish brings a new topic of conversation. It's not just about eating; it's about experiencing—and who better to guide us through this culinary journey than the remarkable Jackson Boxer?

Jackson is a chef who crafts dishes that are not just meals but stories on a plate. He's creating a delectable menu for us, focusing on local, sustainably sourced ingredients. We’ll start with tantalising sourdough and butter, move on to shared starters like Cured ChalkStream Trout or Ember-Roast Golden Beetroot, and then delve into heartier mains. Choose from Roast Herb-Fed Chicken, Cornish Skate, or a sumptuous Grilled Cauliflower. And the desserts? Oh, they're the kind of sweet endings every story deserves.

A dining room in a restaurant with tables set with lit candles. The ceiing is full of different style chandliers. The floor is a black and white tile and there are luxurious currents hanging in the background.
Brunswick House restaurant in Vauxhall, London. Image by Alexander Bater provided by Harts Group

The Menu: Your Gateway to Connection

Our menu is designed to ignite conversation and foster connections. Imagine sharing starters that open up dialogues, choosing mains that reflect your personality, and indulging in desserts that sweeten new friendships or perhaps something more. And let's not forget the drinks—each glass of wine or sparkling cava is a toast to us, the bold and the brave stepping out from behind our screens to share a moment, a meal, and maybe, a future.

A long dining room table in a dimly lit cellar with exposed brick walls. The table is decorated with camndles and floral arrangements.
The Cellar at Brunswick House, Vauxhall.

Why Supsolo Club?

Supsolo Club isn't just another singles event in London. It's a movement towards authenticity in a world oversaturated with fleeting digital encounters. It’s for you—the food lover, the conversation starter, the one looking for more than just a match. You're not just seeking someone; you're seeking something—the thrill of discovery, the warmth of companionship, and the joy of a shared journey.

Join the Movement: Sign Up for Our March 14th Event.

Are you ready to ditch the digital for a night of genuine connections? To share laughs and stories and find that spark over a beautifully curated meal? If you're a single, straight Londoner searching for a singles event that promises more than just a meet-up, Supsolo Club is where you need to be. Spaces are limited because good things come in small packages; we’re all about quality, not quantity.

Poster of Supsolo Supper Club taking place at Brunswick House on 14th March 2024
Poster of Supsolo Supper Club taking place at Brunswick House on 14th March 2024

So, here’s your call to action—your invitation to adventure. Sign up for our waitlist today and secure your spot at our debut Supsolo Supper Club event at Brunswick House. It’s time to turn those solo suppers into Supsolo stories. Welcome to the table; welcome to Supsolo Club, where good food and great company are just the beginning of what's on the menu.


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