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the supsolo story

In the bustling heart of London, Lorna Mullins, a woman with a penchant for connecting people and a love for all things culinary, observed a gap in the modern dating scene. Despite her busy life as a freelance project manager, part-time dog sitter, Chair of the Women's Irish Network UK, and an avid traveller and photographer, Lorna found herself disenchanted with the impersonal nature of dating apps. Yearning for a more genuine way to meet people, she drew inspiration from her rich experiences and diverse background.


Hailing from Ireland having lived in New York, and now London, Lorna's life has been a vibrant tapestry of cultures and encounters. At 37, she decided it was time to merge her love for food with her skill in bringing people together. Thus, Supsolo Club was born—a singles supper club that steps away from the superficiality of dating apps and focuses on creating meaningful connections through shared dining experiences.


Supsolo Club is Lorna's answer to the screen fatigue and shallow interactions that often characterise modern dating. Set in some of London's best spots, Supsolo offers intimate, food-focused events where singles can gather, enjoy delicious meals, and engage in real conversations. The idea is simple yet revolutionary: to provide a sophisticated and enjoyable setting for people to meet and connect over their mutual appreciation for good food.


Lorna's vision for Supsolo is to build a community where single Londoners can find camaraderie and romance away from their smartphones' glare. It's about creating a space where the art of conversation is revived and where every meal shared is an opportunity to spark a new friendship or kindle a romantic flame.


Supsolo Club is more than just a dining event; it's a movement towards more authentic, meaningful connections in the digital age. With Lorna at the helm, Supsolo is quickly becoming a coveted destination for singles eager to ditch the apps and experience the joy of meeting face-to-face in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.


Welcome to Supsolo Club, where good food and great company are just the beginning of what's on the menu. If you like the sound of Supsolo. Sign up below. 

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